Kratom Drug Withdrawal


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March 19, 2012:
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What are Kratom Withdrawal Symptoms Like?

Very similar to dextoxing from opiates.

The withdrawal symptoms from quitting Kratom "Cold Turkey" can be different for different people, which is true for just about any drug. Some addicts will experience symptoms very similar to stopping smoking, opiates, or heroin, and can experience muscle aches, nausea, depression, and chills. Some patients have been hospitalized to ease withdrawal symptoms and have have their conditions monitored. It should be noted that use of the drug itself can also create respiratory issues similar to the use of opiates, so an overdose could result in the same respiratory arrest seen by addicts, though it is not known if the same treatments would undo effect of Kratom in the bloodstream.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Consult with a physician when seeking information on Kratom withdrawal and detoxing in order to make sure you do not experience adverse side effects from suddenly stopping.